Park Lawn Lake Shore

You've probably noticed that Toronto is growing. Some neighbourhoods have grown faster than others and are in need of more transportation options for everyone. In some cases, this means improving an existing route by adding a turning lane, new cycling facilities, or changing the timing of traffic lights. In others, it could mean a completely new road, planning for additional public transit, or new street benches and trees.

Whatever the options are, the City must follow provincial planning processes and consult with you along the way. We are starting a Study to address transportation challenges in the Park Lawn Lake Shore area and hope you will join us in helping shape the future of this community.

Community Workshop  1                                                                                                           

Community members and stakeholders were invited to attend a public event to learn more about this Study, meet with City staff, and discuss ideas in person on November 24 and December 3, 2016. Visit the 'Have Your Say' tab to view materials presented at the workshops.The next round of public events will take place in 2017.

What is the Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan?

Over the past 20 years population and development in the Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard area has increased, resulting in increased traffic congestion and limited options to connect to surrounding areas. During this time, the area transportation network has remained relatively unchanged, and improvements are needed to meet the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, vehicles, trucks, and development both now and in the future.

The Transportation Master Plan will provide the first step in a multi-year process to evaluate solutions to create more transportation options in the Park Lawn Lake Shore area including:

  • New connections and better access to roads, transit, and pathways
  • Additional safe and convenient crossings of physical barriers
  • Planning for investment in public transit, pedestrian, and cycling networks
  • High quality streetscape design

What is a Transportation Master Plan?
A Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a study that examines infrastructure needs within a geographic area and provides a framework for the implementation of projects over a period of time.

The Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan will follow Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Act (EA) regulated by the Province of Ontario described below:

  • Phase 1: Identify the transportation problems and opportunities in the Park Lawn Lake Shore area
  • Phase 2: Develop, evaluate and recommend alternatives to address the identified problems and opportunities.

The graphic below illustrates stages in the Environmental Assessment (EA).

The EA regulates the planning and decision-making process so that potential environmental effects are considered before infrastructure projects begin. Within an EA, Transportation Master Plans examine strategic long-term infrastructure needs and set the framework for subsequent projects.The Transportation Master Plan includes identifying the problem and opportunities, developing and evaluating a range of alternative solutions, and providing opportunities for public input.

The graphic below illustrates phases in the Transportation Master Plan (which covers Phases 1 and 2 of the Environmental Assessment).

The Environmental Assessment Act dictates that the City must hold 2 public meetings during development of a Transportation Maser Plan. Due to the scale and complexity of transportation projects in the Park Lawn Lake Shore Area, the City will be holding 3 public meetings during the planning process. 

Once completed, the TMP will recommend a series of transportation projects, initiatives and policies to support the Park Lawn Lake Shore Area.  Depending on the scale of projects identified, some will require further study continuing additional phases in the Environmental Assessment.

The graphic below illustrates public consultation opportunities during the Transportation Master Plan Study.