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Children's Activities


Ten Great Playgrounds

Here’s a list of great playgrounds in different areas of the city put together by our staff. Some are gems hiding in plain sight while others are less well known. Either way, we encourage you to explore and enjoy them this summer!

Children Gardening

Children's Gardening and Eco Programs

Children love to garden! Believe it or not, Toronto has a growing population of budding organic gardeners who are learning to plant, water, weed and harvest the fruits of their carefully cultivated vegetable plants.

The Franklin Childrens Garden

Franklin Children's Garden

The garden is a hands-on learning environment that combines interactive features with recreational programming for children to discover the wonders of the natural world and to embark on the great adventure of reading.

 Zoo & Animal Attractions

Zoos and Animals

Toronto's parks are home to unique and wonderful animal attractions that are open year round. Each offers a distinctive setting in which to experience, appreciate and learn about animals.



Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation offers high quality camps that provide a fun, safe and exciting experience for everyone! Camps are held during December Holidays, March Break and the Summer and offer a wide range activities for preschoolers, school age children and youth.