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Temporary street closure application guidelines


If you are planning to temporarily close the street fully, partially occupy a curblane for a race, run, walk or festival, you must apply for a street closure permit in accordance with City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 743, Use of Streets and Sidewalks.

The street closure permit gives you permission to have the street closed to vehicular traffic for up to 4 days as long as local access for residents and emergency vehicles is maintained while you hold your event.

A report is required to be submitted to Community Council for City Council's approval under the following conditions:

  1. Motor vehicle race on the road;
  2. Road is closed for more than four days;
  3. Event requires the closure of an expressway;
  4. Irresolvable objection.

When to apply

Once you decide to close the street for the event, you must advise the City of Toronto of your proposal at least:

  • eight weeks prior to the first day of the proposed closure on any boulevard and on any local road
  • 12 weeks prior to the first day of the proposed closure on a collector road
  • 16 weeks prior to the first day of the proposed closure on an arterial road
  • 52 weeks prior to the first day of the proposed closure on an expressway

The above ensures sufficient time to work out details ensuring the safety of everyone who will be participating in the event, community notification, and City Council approval, if required.

Who can apply

Anyone can apply to close a City street temporarily for an event. However, it is best if the application is submitted by a person holding a responsible position in the organization sponsoring the event who is informed about all of the activities taking place during the event.


There is no application fee. However if your application is approved, you will be charged a permit fee ($83.09 + HST) per day. Payment can be made by VISA, American Express,MasterCard, Interac, cash or cheque. All cheques must be made payable to the Treasurer, City of Toronto.

All fees are subject to an annual inflationary increase based on the City's User Fee Policy and change without prior notice.

If the City of Toronto grants permission to temporarily close the road, the applicant will be responsible for the costs associated in carrying out the following items:

  • Pay the permit fee
  • Pay the application fee for the Noise By-law Exemption request
  • Hire a police officer(s) or security personnel, if applicable
  • Arrange for barricades, road closed signs and any other appropriate traffic signs, or traffic cones for the event and traffic management plan
  • Pay for the loss of revenue incurred from the bagging of the parking meters/machine
  • Pay for additional costs incurred by the City of Toronto
  • Hire a private garbage collection company or arrange for volunteers to collect and remove garbage accumulated during and after the event
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance to the City of Toronto
  • Arrange for equipment (i.e. tents, stages, etc) associated with the event and obtain the appropriate building permit
  • Pay the costs associated with the re-routing of TTC Services

Required information

The following information is required in order for the application to be considered:

  • Complete the Application for Street Events in the City of Toronto
  • Complete the Application for Noise By-law Exemption
  • Proof of notification to the residents/businesses affected by the closure informing them of the details of the event
  • Provide an Event Schedule outlining what will be happening within the road closure
  • Traffic Control and Public Safety Plan must be attached to the completed application form and drawn to scale and provide the following information:
    • Location of the road closure, indicate the name of the street and any intersecting streets affected
    • Indicate if this a partial or full road closure or use of a curb lane
    • North directional arrow
    • Indicate what will be placed on the road within the area of the closure (i.e. Tents, tables, stages, generators, barbeques, washrooms, etc.)
    • Indicate the width of the Fire Emergency access to the road during the closure
    • Location of Police Officer(s) and/or Security personnel

Pertinent information

When planning your street event, keep in mind that it is a temporary full or partial closing of a street to accommodate admission-free or admission-restricted races, runs, walks and festivals.

If you are planning to serve food, you must comply with the regulations outlined by Public Health.

In some cases, the event organizer is responsible for providing washroom facilities (i.e. portable toilets) on site for their event.

If alcoholic beverages are to be served during the event, the event organizer should immediately contact the following parties to obtain approval:

  • Written application to be submitted to Community Council outlining the details of the road closure (i.e. purpose of the road closure, date, time, location and alcohol serving hours). Community Council will review the request and make their decision which will then be referred to City Council requesting that they adopt their recommendation.
  • Written application to be submitted to the Licensing and Registration Department of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for a liquor licence.

If you are planning on installing a tent on the road that is erected more than three metres from other structures and occupies a total area of not more than 60 square metres (646 square feet), a building permit is not required. If the size of the tent exceeds an area of 60 square metres (646 square feet), you must obtain a building permit from the Permit Services Section of Toronto Building Division.

Provide third party, bodily injury and property damage liability insurance having a minimum coverage of $ 2 million per occurrence.  Policy must be written with an insurer that is licensed in the Province of Ontario and will include the City as an additional insured, a cross-liability/severability of interest clause and the insurer shall provide the City with 30 days' notice in the event that the policy is cancelled.

Submit a Waste Management Plan for collecting, recycling, removing, restoring garbage, litter and debris.

If heating generators are to be used in connection with the tent, please ensure detailed information is provided along with the type of fuel used to operate the generator. If generators are to be used during the event, please ensure they are silenced generators.

If there is live or amplified music at the event, please ensure that all music ceases at 11:00 p.m. as a courtesy to your neighbours. A Noise By-law Exemption may be required from Municipal Licensing and Standards.

Once the event is over, please ensure that all debris accumulated during the road closure is collected and removed prior to the street being re-opened to vehicular traffic.

Refusal of permit

The application for a road closure can be denied if an objection cannot be resolved under the following situations:

  1. Outstanding fees
  2. Where a prior Street Event permit has been applied for or issued for a full street closure within same local, collector or arterial road within the same Ward and in the same calendar month, unless written approval received from the Ward Councillor
  3. New applicant requests for an event in a traditional location(s) at a traditional time(s) historically occupied by a longstanding major event or organizers.  The longstanding major event has 10 business days after being notified to request their location, then the initial request is denied
  4. Does not comply with the requirements of the by-law
  5. Written objection is received and the objection is valid and irresolvable

The applicant has the right to appeal the refusal of the application by writing to Community Council.

Application forms

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