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Transportation Division Bridge Data

The 'STRUCTURE' dataset contains City of Toronto (City) Transportation Service fully or partially owns 413 Bridges (including sub classifications as Road Bridge, Rail Bridge, and Pedestrian Bridge) and 510 Elevated Structures (including sub classifications as Gardiner Bents and Gardiner Ramp Bents). The attribute information associated with structures was retrieved from the City's Bridge Management System (BMS), which is maintained by the Engineering and Construction Services Division (ECS). Each structure has a unique identification number in BMS. Geographically a bridge location is represented using a Point feature captured close to the middle section of the physical structure. ECS staff verified geographic locations of Bridges using georeferenced ortho images, street centreline data, structure records, as well as conducted field visits where necessary to confirm their locations, and updated associated attributes information accordingly. Gardiner Bent structure locations were captured through a digitization process undertaken by ECS staff using georeferenced as-built image file. The 'Last Updated' date mentioned in this document indicates the date of extraction from BMS.

The current versions of the datasets are available in the City of Toronto Open Data catalogue with the title Bridges, Elevated Roadways, and Culverts in Toronto.

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