How to submit a complaint about a City funding program

  • Look up the particular funding program and the division that administers the program in the table below.
  • Provide complaint information using the contact information provided in the table.
  • If you need assistance determining which division to contact, please call: Manager, Community Funding, Social Development, Finance and Administration at 416-397-7302.

How to make a complaint
When making a complaint, please include the following information:

  1. Complainant name
  2. Complainant contact information (address, email or phone)
  3. The name of the program or service about which the complaint is being made
  4. Details of the complaint
  5. Any actions the complainant wishes the specific division to take

Submitting a complaint
Please refer to the chart below to determine which division administers the funding program.

City of Toronto funding programs listed by Division

Complaint protocols by Division

Social Development, Finance and Administration (SDFA) funding programs:

  • Access, Equity and Human Rights
  • Community Festivals and Special Events
  • Community Recreation
  • Community Safety Investment
  • Community Service Partnerships
  • Identify 'N Impact (youth-led funding)
  • Service Development Investment Program
SDFA Complaint Policy and Procedures

 Economic Development and Culture (EDC) funding programs:

  • CultureBuild
  • Local Arts Service Organizations
  • Major Cultural Organizations
 EDC Complaints and Feedback

 Public Health funding programs:

  • Student Nutrition
Public Health Complaints and Feedback

 Shelter, Support and Housing funding program:

  • Homeless Initiatives Fund
 SSHA Complaints and Feedback

 Toronto Arts Council funded program:

 Toronto Arts Council website

 Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) funded programs:

  • Visit TAF for information on funding streams

Toronto Atmospheric Fund website

 City Planning funding program:

  • Toronto Heritage Grant Program
City Planning Division Complaint Procedure

Receipt of complaint and timelines

Complaints will be handled according to the timelines of the responsible division. All complaints are documented and addressed as quickly as possible.

Collection and understanding of complaint information

There will be a written record made of all complaints through the complaint policy and procedures of the City Division responsible for the funding program.

The information gathered will include:

  • Name of the complainant
  • Date and details of the complaint
  • Communication with the complainant, City staff and other parties

The initial information will be taken and recorded by the division's Complaint Contact as identified in the chart above. As the resolution of the complaint occurs, additional information will be added to the record.

Your complaint will be handled in a confidential manner. However, when the complaint is investigated, you may be directly identified as a result of the investigation.

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