City of Toronto

Historical Documents

The City of Toronto has been at the forefront of advocating for improvement and change in the lives of its residents. While some of these documents are not current, they are of historical value.

The following information is provided for archival purposes.

Community Advisory Committees

Toronto City Council is following up on the work of the 1999 Task Force on Community Access and Equity through the establishment of a Roundtable on Access, Equity and Human Rights.

In December 1999, Council approved the final report and action plan of the Task Force on Community Access and Equity. The 97 recommendations included the establishment of five city-wide community advisory committees which have as their focus:

These advisory committees provide a formal mechanism for Council to obtain community advice on a variety of issues.

On January 16, 2002, the Diversity Advocate met with the City's five Community Advisory Committees, and the following common priority issues were identified:

  • poverty reduction
  • housing
  • public transit and transportation
  • youth leadership and elimination of youth violence
  • employment
  • policing
  • education
  • public awareness
  • community outreach

Other issues were included in the workplans of each committee. Changing or improving services and policies in these areas benefits everyone, even though a specific group faces a specific barrier:

  • pay equity
  • sexual assault
  • information and communications to improve access to services for marginalized groups
  • access to recreation programs
  • daycare services
  • multi-lingual communications
  • the City budget process
  • urban Aboriginal issues
  • health and addictions
  • domestic violence
  • accessibility to buildings
  • accreditation of foreign credentials
  • diversity training

Plan of Action

A translation of the major directions, as outlined in the report, is available in the following languages (PDF): Chinese, Italian, French, Tagalog, Korean, Russian, Tamil, Polish, Somali, Ukrainian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese.

The Action Plan Guide has been updated to include the Equity Lens.

Ornstein Study and Related Reports

Task Force on Community Access and Equity

  • Executive Summary of the City of Toronto Task Force on Community Access and Equity, January, 2000
  • Status Report by the Chief Administrative Officer on the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Task force on Community Access and Equity, report to City Council, April, 2002 (PDF)

Poster Gallery

The City has produced posters to celebrate Toronto's diversity. These posters have been used in public education campaigns across the city and thousands of posters have been distributed to libraries, community organizations, schools and individuals. Limited quantities are available.

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