Public Consultation

Toronto waterfront renewal is built on the principles of openness, transparency and public accountability. Waterfront Toronto has a mandate to engage the community and stakeholders in the planning and design of waterfront projects. Public consultation is the creative two-way dialogue between Waterfront Toronto and the public. It is an open and accountable process allowing individuals and groups to participate in the decision-making process for waterfront renewal.

Process for Public Consultation

When Waterfront Toronto is considering a waterfront project of significant public interest, it identifies and notifies affected parties through public notice and provides key information for meaningful consideration of the project. Typically, Waterfront Toronto hosts meetings of the public, Stakeholder Advisory Groups, Construction Liaison Committees and others as a means of creating an ongoing forum for public advice, feedback and guidance at key points during the planning and urban design process, as well as throughout the construction phase of a project. Consultation occurs early in the decision-making process and is coordinated with the three governments to avoid duplication when complying with legislative requirements, such as Environmental Assessments. This allows for decision-making that is in keeping with Waterfront Toronto's strategic direction, as mandated by the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto.

Waterfront Toronto’s public consultation process fosters community building, excellence in waterfront renewal and lasting relationships among partners working together to renew and enjoy Toronto’s waterfront.

Visit Waterfront Toronto's website for more information about the public consultation process, including upcoming public meetings.

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