Property Taxes

Owner/Address Change

When purchasing a property, homeowners must ensure that their property and contact information is up-to-date with the City. If a solicitor/lawyer is handling the transaction, they can notify the City of the change of ownership. This is done by either sending in the completed bottom portion of the tax and/or utility certificate requested by the lawyer prior to closing, or by way of a letter indicating the new owner’s information. If your lawyer has not notified the City, you, as the owner must send the information in order for us to update our records.

The following documents and information are required:

Ownership/Name Change

  • Purchaser (new owner) full name(s)
  • Vendor (former owner) name(s) (if the change is due to a sale/purchase)
  • Property address
  • Assessment Roll Number
  • Mailing address, including Postal Code
  • Sale closing date (or date of transaction for name change)
  • Signature (of owner or their agent/lawyer)

We may also require the following:

  • A copy of the deed
  • Any supporting documents such as a death certificate or legal document for transferring a property from one name to another if applicable
  • For legal name changes, a document such as a Change of Name Certificate or a Marriage Certificate.

Mailing Address Change

  • Owner name(s)
  • Property address
  • Assessment Roll Number
  • New mailing address, including Postal Code
  • Effective date for address change
  • Signature (of owner or their agent/lawyer)

Please send the details and supporting documents by:

Fax: 416-696-3640 (Please see Tips on Faxing)

or write to:

City of Toronto, Revenue Services

Ownership Updates
PO Box 4300, STN A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 3B5

If you are the owner of a property, you may also complete a Change Request Form at any one of our Tax and Utility Inquiry/Cashier counters at Civic Centres and City Hall.

Please note: There is a $37.71 ownership update fee applied to each property tax account where a change to ownership is requested. There is also a $37.67 fee for ownership updates on a utility account. Where requests for update on both a tax account and utility account for the same property and same ownership change are requested and processed at the same time, a fee of $53.90 total is charged; $26.95 on the tax account and $26.95 on the utility account. See our Property Tax fees and Water Service fees page for additional fees that may be charged.

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