Garbage & Recycling


The type of residences that receive curbside collection of garbage, recycling, organic, and yard waste include single-family homes (both day and night time collection); semis; duplexes, row-houses; and most small apartment buildings (less than nine units).

Collection Calendar App (Beta)

If you live in a Single Family House with Daytime Curbside Collection your waste is collected on a certain day of the week depending on where you live in the City. Green Bin organics is picked up every week while Blue Bin recycling and garbage are collected on alternating weeks.   

This tool is not for apartments or condos, night time collection collection or for residences above commercial properties. Please refer to the Curbside Collection Maps.

Bin Set Out

Correct set out makes for efficient collection. Here's when and where to place your bins.

WhenWhere Example
  • Place items at curbside before 7 AM
  • As close to the street as possible without obstructing it
  • Clearly visible and accessible
  • Ensure 2 feet between bins
  • Never place items or bins behind or on snow banks

Note: Ensure all bin lids are closed shut to prevent blowing litter

Bin Sizes and Fees

Small = 1 bagMedium = 1½ bagsLarge = 3 bagsExtra-large = 4½ bags

$249.67 rate/year

$303.08 rate/year

$411.62 rate/year

$477.44 rate/year

$227.01 rebate

$163.76 rebate

$72.41 rebate

$0.00 rebate

$22.66 annual cost

$139.32 annual cost

$339.21 annual cost

$477.44 annual cost


Small = 1 blue boxMedium = 2 blue boxesLarge = 4 blue boxesExtra-large = 6 blue boxes
Indoor Organics BinOutdoor Organics Bin

Indoor Organics Bin19 cm (approx. 7.5 inches)

Volume = 7.5 liters

97 x 48 x 61 cm

Volume = 97 liters

 Bin Care

  • Both containers are hot water safe
  • Can be cleaned with dish-washing soap
  • Indoor container is not dishwasher safe
  • To prevent odours, wash both containers frequently

 Closing Bins

  • Indoor container: Press on the front tab
  • Curbside container: Close lid with the latch and fasten securely

Note: Kitchen containers can be purchased at Community Environment Days.

ExpandSingle Family Home

Curbside Bin Collection

Fees are based on the size of a customer's garbage bin and includes collection of recycling, organics, yard waste and household hazardous waste.

Garbage Bin SizeAnnual RateRebateAnnual Net Cost


$249.67 $227.01 $22.66


$303.08 $163.76 $139.32


$411.62 $72.41 $339.21

Extra Large

$477.44 $0.00 $477.44


$159.82 $215.01 -$55.19
*Garbage tags must be purchased separately.
Note: When moving, bins remain property of the City and must stay at the property.

Garbage Tag

Garbage Tag $5.00/unit

Available at Toronto Canadian Tire and Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

Oversized & Metal Item Fee

The following is an approved fee providing for the collection of oversized and metal items per single family house and for each multi-residential unit per property location, regardless of whether the service is used.

Customer TypeMaterialAnnual Rates (per dwelling unit)
All Residential (Single Family Home and Multi-Residential) Oversized items that do not fit in garbage bag or bin $8.00

Overflow Waste

The City will pick up additional garbage, recycling and organic waste provided you follow the simple steps below.
Note: If you frequently have overflow recycling, please up-size your Recycling Bin.

  • Garbage tag is required
  • Available at Toronto Canadian Tire and Shoppers Drug Mart locations
  • Put excess material in regular garbage bag
  • Ensure garbage tag is attached to bag and is clearly visible
  • Place bag beside Garbage Bin

Note: Yellow garbage bags have been discontinued.  Garbage tags will continue to be sold at authorized outlets.

For cardboard:

  • Cut into small pieces and flatten
  • Bundle the cardboard with string or twine
  • Ensure pieces can fit back into the recycling bin

Extra recycling material:

  • Place extra recycling material in clear bags
  • Place bags beside the recycling bin
  • Ensure bags could fit back into the recycling bin
  • Put excess material in regular clear bag and use one clear large bag instead of many small bags
  • Place bag beside Green Bin
  • Put non-food waste (i.e. diapers, animal waste) in this bag

Oversized Items

The City will pick up large items (appliances, furniture, carpets, etc.) from the curbside.  

Oversized Items at Curbside



The City provides free collection of dialysis waste. The program includes one large garbage bin for the dialysis waste plus a garbage bin (small, medium, large or extra-large) for the regular garbage.  To enroll in the program you must submit the following application by mail.

Dialysis Exemption Application