Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Anaerobic digestion at Highland Creek

The Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at the mouth of Highland Creek at 51 Beechgrove Drive in the Scarborough community of West Hill. The plant serves an area of approximately 15,250 hectares/ 37,682 acres and a connected population of 450,000.

The former Municipality of Scarborough initiated construction of the original plant under an agreement with the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto in 1954. Construction was completed in 1956 and followed by several phases of expansion.

Fast facts about Highland Creek

  • Began operating in 1956
  • Initial treatment capacity was 18 million litres/48 million gallons per day
  • 2005 average daily low = 168.4 million litres per day
  • 2005 biosolids disposal = 28.6 dry tonnes per day
  • Located on a 59-hectare/146-acre site in Scarborough
  • Operates 24/7

Major Projects

Odour Control

The goal of mitigating odours from Highland Creek Treatment Plant is getting closer. A study to investigate the cause and quantity of odourous air emissions was held in 2005.  Today, several of the recommendation are being implemented. 

Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids Management

The City of Toronto has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to identify a preferred approach to managing biosolids from the Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (HCTP).  Learn more at www.toronto.ca/hctpbiosolidsea