Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE)


Every business in Toronto, large or small, has a stake in strengthening our neighbourhoods and improving our economy.

PAYE provides employers and industry leaders with a great opportunity to play a significant role in developing Toronto's youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. PAYE connects Toronto's youth to meaningful employment opportunities while providing you with access to a diverse candidate pool of motivated and skilled staff.

"The Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE) has attracted some of Toronto's largest employers and provides meaningful employment to so many of our youth. The initiative makes the process of finding talented and qualified employees very easy."

-Stephen Diamond, President and CEO, DiamondCorp

How PAYE Benefits the Employer - Finding Talent


A Diverse Workforce

PAYE focuses on youth aged 18-29, from diverse neighbourhoods, with a wide range of skills, interests, education and experience. They include high school graduates, youth with post-secondary education, newcomers with post-secondary degrees and youth looking for opportunities to grow, learn and develop their career.

Increase your business advantage by hiring qualified candidates from local communities, and developing a workforce that reflects your client or customer-base.


Recruitment Made Easy

All candidates are pre-screened to available opportunities and matched to the specific needs of your company. PAYE develops customized training and recruitment initiatives with your company in partnership with training, educational and community partners.


Streamlined Approach to Community Partnerships

By working with PAYE you are indirectly working with many other community partners who share the same vision for Toronto's youth.

PAYE works with the Youth Employment Partnership (YEP) network, the Toronto immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), the Ontario Job Opportunity Information Network (JOIN), and Aboriginal service providers, to ensure that opportunities are shared widely with agencies that support newcomers, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal job seekers.

How PAYE Can Benefit From Your Help


Here are some ways that you can support youth through PAYE:

  • Bring forward entry and mid level job opportunities for youth

  • Provide skills development, training and/or work experience opportunities for youth

  • Share your expertise and connect face-to-face with youth through interviews and year-round learning and networking events

  • Engage your supply chains and wider business networks, asking them to make the same commitment to PAYE

Contact Jennifer Posthumus today at 416-397-0722 to find out how you can be a part of this exciting initiative.