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There are two key reports that are issued by the City Manager's Office that are used to report on Toronto's progress, including the annual Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Report and the quarterly Management Information Dashboard. In addition to producing its own performance reports, the City of Toronto is a member of several key initiatives that also monitor and report on the progress of Canadian cities.


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Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Report

This report is produced every year and provides detailed information about 36 service areas. The annual data collection process for the information published in this report is a result of a joint effort with other municipalities through the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (formerly the Ontario Municipal CAOs Benchmarking Initiative). 

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Management Information Dashboard

The Management Information Dashboard provides information to assist in assessing trends and directions of key indicators for the City of Toronto as a whole and City services. This page links to previous editions of the Dashboard. Current data is available through Toronto's Dashboard.  

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World Council on City Data (IS0 37120)

The World Council on City Data (WCCD) awarded the City of Toronto a platinum designation for its compliance with ISO 37120 – the first international standard for sustainable cities. Follow this link to the summary of Toronto's results submitted to the World Council on City Data.