16th Annual STOMP Urban Dance Competition/Showcase

On Sunday, May 7, 2017 more than 400 young performers took the stage at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts to compete in the 16th annual STOMP Urban Dance Competition and Showcase featuring a "Canada 150" theme. City representatives welcomed participants and kicked off the event, which drew an audience of about 2,600 people.

The event featured youth performers ages six to 24 from Parks, Forestry and Recreation dance programs and other youth-serving agencies. In addition to featuring various urban dance styles such as step, break, hip-hop, dancehall, bollywood, jazz, ballet and contemporary, the event also showcased Toronto's up-and-coming youth bands, vocalists, rappers and dub poets.

Dancers were judged on their choreography, music, costume, creativity, originality, synchronization, use of the stage, rhythm, interaction with the audience and musicality. STOMP is the largest youth initiative developed by Parks, Forestry and Recreation to foster an environment where youth are safe, celebrated and encouraged to showcase their artistic abilities.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the following criteria:


  • Choreography
  • Music
  • Costume (based on age and category)


  • Creativity
  • Originality (not a video copy)


  • Synchronization
  • Level of choreography
  • Rhythm
  • Use of stage


  • Originality
  • Clarity
  • Quality


  • Stage appearance (i.e. interacting with the audience)
  • Music and performance blends
  • Overall performance


  • Use of theme
  • Creativity
  • Originality

Youth Advisory Council

For more information on how youth can get involved in STOMP please contact

STOMP Committee 2017

  • Tod Debling (Supervisor Lead)
  • Cas Wilson
  • Tamasha Grant
  • Marg Williamson (Admin)
  • Marlon Greene
  • Zecko Jalloul
  • Jeff Thomas
  • Christian Brown
  • Fitzroy Thompson
  • Roni Simic
  • Pirgashini Gnanavel
  • Jorge Kaneshalingam
  • Stacey Unira
  • Keith McFarlane
  • Juliana Riffat
  • Alicia Daley
  • Lindsay Wagner
  • Jody Gyivicsan
  • Jelani Philbert


  • Rowan Beckford

Event Day Staffing

  • Hilary Jackett
  • Eileen Alexander
  • Geeta Wahab
  • Josette Holness

Staff Dance Team Choreographer

  • Sabrina Novello

Event Day Staffing

  • Carol Nwoko
  • Ernestine Dunkley
  • Fitzroy Thompson

2017 STOMP Urban Dance Competition Winners

Thank you to all of those involved in the 2017 STOMP Urban Dance Competition/Showcase and congratulations to the 2017 competition winners!


STOMP 2017 Novice dance group winners

First place: The Unknowns (John Innis Community Centre)
Second: Baby All stars (Chalkfarm Community Centre)
Third: Diversity (LAMP/Ray Partnership Youth Space)


STOMP 2017 Beginner dance group winners

First place: After school special (North Kipling Community Centre)
Second: JJM Fusion (Jenner Jean Marie Community Centre)
Third: Heart Beatz (Cliff Crest Community Centre)


STOMP 2017 Intermediate dance group winners

First place: 6IX Boss Dancers (Driftwood Community Centre)
Second: AOS (Jane & Finch Boys & Girls Club)
Third: Halo Halo (Don Montgomery Community Centre) & Aniyah (Soloist from Brampton)


STOMP 2017 Advanced dance group winners

First place: The Alliance (St. Lawrence Community Centre)
Second: Mini Krew (K.I.D.S. Dance Studio)
Third: Soul Mob (Trinity Community Centre)

Social Media Fan Favourite

STOMP 2017 Fan Fav dance group winners

Baby All stars (Chalkfarm Community Centre)

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