Health Surveillance and Epidemiology

Health Status Reports

High-level reports covering general health status in Toronto in 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2010 and issue specific reports on specific health status topics in Toronto such as cancer, Children's Oral Health Survey, Health Status News, Health Inequalities report and Newcomer Health report.

Overview reports

High-level reports covering general population health status in Toronto

  • 2010

Ward Health Profiles

Reports with selected demographic and health status indicators, and public health services for each of Toronto's 44 Wards.

  • 2013

Issue specific reports

Reports focusing on specific health status topics in Toronto.

  • Health Inequalities Report, 2008
    The Unequal City: Income & Health Inequalities in Toronto 2008
  • Newcomer Health Report, 2011
    The Global City: Newcomer Health in Toronto 2011