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Don Valley Brick Works Park North Entrance

City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation will be working with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) to construct and install a new entrance to Don Valley Brick Works Park (DVBW).  The entrance will connect the Beltline Trail to the north-west corner of the existing park trail network, and will include a pedestrian bridge over Mud Creek. 

artist rendering of new pedestrian bridge over mud creek providing a northern entrance to the Don Valley Brick Works Park from the beltline trail

Since 2014, the City of Toronto has made significant improvements to the trail system and user circulation throughout DVBW. New ecologically sustainable trails have been built, unofficial trails have been closed, and existing trails improved.  New interpretive signage and wayfinding have also helped to improve visitor circulation.  The City has also invested significant resources into stabilizing the banks of Mud Creek. 

Currently, there is no formal entrance to the north end of DVBW, which has resulted in a number of issues for the park, park users, and local residents.  Informal trail development has degraded sensitive habitats, and caused significant erosion, particularly on the fragile North Slope and along the newly stabilized banks of Mud Creek. Some of these trails also lead visitors through private property.

The DVBW North Entrance will consist of a 3 m wide pedestrian bridge over Mud Creek and a 120m long, 2m wide asphalt trail connecting the bridge to the existing DVBW trail network.  This trail will mostly follow the existing informal desire-line trail leading through this area.

map showing the new path to be built creating a northern entrance to Don Valley Brick Works Park. the new 2 meter wide paved trail will follow an existing path to a new bridge spaning Mud Creek and then connecting to the beltline trail.

This entrance has been designed to mitigate tree/erosion impacts as well as to improve accessibility for all park users. This project will allow for improved visitor access while providing protection for sensitive vegetation, slopes and stream banks.  Having one formal entrance trail will help to guide users into the park through a desirable route, and allow for the restoration of old informal trails with native trees and shrubs.

Important Construction Information

  • Construction will begin October 2016 and is expected to be complete Winter 2016/2017.
  • Existing official entrances to the park from the Beltline Trail and Bayview Ave. will remain open during construction.
  • The Beltline Trail and DVBW Park trails may experience some constriction or temporary closure during certain phases of construction.  Please respect closures and signage.
  • Construction vehicles may be encountered travelling to and from the construction area.  Please be aware of these vehicles and respect the direction of workers.  

Important *Please stay clear of all construction areas and vehicles. Respect all trail closures and signage during and after construction.*