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Multi-Residential Green Bin Organics Program


The Multi-Residential Green Bin Organics Program allows participants to put organics (fruit and vegetables scraps, paper towels, coffee grinds, etc.) out for separate collection along with garbage and recycling.


To reduce organic waste ending up in landfill by effectively capturing organic waste in the City's 5,000 apartment, condo and co-op buildings.

1. Why Separate Organics?2. Building Setup3. Resident Participation
  • Organic materials make up approx. 30% of the garbage going to landfill
  • By separating organics your building reduces the volume of garbage it sets out, thereby reducing the overall garbage collection cost...and
  • Organic collection is free!
  • Collection of organics from multi-residential buildings is necessary for the City to meet its waste diversion goals
Two elements must be in place before the organics program can begin at your building.
  1. Buildings must have an outdoor organic collection container(s). City staff will visit your building to determine the quantity and type of outdoor containers required.
  2. The City will provide each building with a supply of in-unit organic containers for residents to collect their organics, along with resident information packages.
  • The program has been refined to make it super easy for residents to participate
  • Residents will receive the in-unit organic containers free-of-charge
  • In-unit organic containers come with two screws which can attach to an inside cupboard door, or it can be kept on the floor beside the garbage bin
  • Residents will use the containers to take their organics to the centrally located bins within the building
  • What goes in organic collection (Green Bin)?
4. Management Participation5. CostsContact Details
  • Property Management must make sure the organics program is as convenient to each resident to encourage residents to participate
  • The program is mandatory (more info)
  • If a building refuses, they will be removed from all waste collection services offered by the City
  • Green Bin Launch Presentation
  • In-unit organic containers are free with the initial setup
  • Collection of organics material is free
  • Property management has an initial set-up cost for purchasing or retrofitting of outdoor organic collection containers
  • Property Management is responsible for the purchase of in-unit organic containers for new tenants, should previous tenants not leave the container behind when they move
  • Property management must purchase curbside organics bins or privately purchase larger front end organic containers
  • Availability of the 26-gallon organic bin is subject to future roll-out plans and operational considerations
  • The price of all bins exclusive of taxes is Council Approved - see details.

For further information on the program please contact the City of Toronto:

Work: Dial 311

Additional Information

ExpandWhat if the Property Management refuses to participate?

If a building does not implement the mandatory organics collection program, they will be removed from all waste collection services offered by the City.

The City of Toronto has an "all or nothing" policy pertaining to solid waste collection services. As stated in the City of Toronto Residential Collection Bylaw document – Chapter 844 –Article II - Section 844-3 Eligibility for services (E) - "No owner shall be eligible to receive or to continue to receive services unless the owner sets out for collection all waste in respect of which the city provides services to the owner [Added 2003-05-23 by By-Law No.446.2003] Residential collection full bylaw document.

ExpandWon't this program promote rodent infestation in our building?

The only difference with this program is that the organics material is now separated from the non-compostable material. If the containers are maintained and the area in which they are kept is cleaned and maintained, there should be no more of a threat of infestation in the building than when the material was combined.

ExpandWhat if residents need more in-unit organic containers?

Each building is entitled to receive up to 10% of the buildings total number of units for replacement each calendar year. Residents will use these in-unit organic containers to take their organics to the centrally located organic collection containers.

ExpandHow will Property Management know how many outdoor containers the building needs?

City staff will visit buildings on Front End collection to determine the number of and type of outdoor organic collection containers required (either bulk bin or cart). The specifications for purchasing these containers will be provided to Property Management in an information package. Costs may vary therefore it is recommended that you get several quotes.

Curbside Bin Customers use one type of bin and bins are supplied by the City.