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Wellbeing Toronto - Youth Services

This dataset contains an Excel spreadsheet and ESRI shapefiles relating to youth services available in the City of Toronto.

This data has been selected by the Youth Asset Mapping Project ( in partnership with FindHelp/211 using a taxonomy-based search. Project funding was generously provided by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

The dataset includes the following categories:

  • Aboriginal youth
  • Disability support and services
  • Adult upgrading and literacy
  • Schools/educational institutions
  • Educational support
  • Employment
  • Financial services
  • Eviction prevention and housing help
  • Affordable housing access and applications
  • Transitional and short-term housing
  • Refugee housing
  • Youth justice and legal support
  • Other community/advocacy support for youth
  • LGBTQ resources
  • Recreation for youth
  • Settlement newcomer services
  • Youth parenting programs
  • Youth health services
  • Youth sexual health
  • Youth well-being
  • Youth mental health
  • Concurrent disorder programs for youth
  • Substance use treatment for youth
  • Life skills training

This data reflects Findhelp/211 records as of February, 2016.

The same data is available for viewing in a map on Wellbeing Toronto ( You can also view current records (updated daily) on For additional information and for the latest version of this data, please contact Findhelp/211 at

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