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Sports Fields, Baseball Diamonds & Stadiums

Please Note: The City of Toronto outdoor baseball and softball diamonds, sports fields and stadiums are open for the season, weather permitting.

Important: Heavy rain and flooding on sports fields and diamonds may result in field closures and permit cancellations. Please check the sport fields status alerts for any closures.

Baseball diamonds, sports fields and stadiums are available for permitting to various private or commercial groups, clubs, community organizations and individuals. Members of the public can apply for permits from the City of Toronto to use these facilities for one-time events, tournaments, or on a seasonal basis.

Permit Information

Application Deadline:

Annually for seasonal permits; as required for one-time bookings and tournaments.

Permit Season:

  • Stadiums from mid-April to end of November
  • Baseball Diamonds and Sports Fields from mid-May to end of September

Facility Types:


Field permit rates are based on your group category and facility rating.

To apply for a permit, you will need to fill out the following forms and return them to your local permit office:

For seasonal bookings, also include a completed Seasonal Application and submit your package to the permit office by the application deadline.

For special events and other one-time bookings, complete a One-Time Use Application, and submit your package to the permit office.

The City of Toronto allocates permit time on a priority basis according to group classifications. The Permit Allocation Policy defines this process.

Please feel free to call the permit office for your region if you have any other questions about the process to obtain a permit.

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