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Former City Councillor Fred Dominelli

Ward 17 Davenport

Former City Councillor Fred DominelliFred was appointed to Council on May 22, 2003. Fred committed to representing the constituents of Ward 17 - Davenport for the remainder of the term and promised to not seek election to the Ward in the November 2003 elections. Fred also kept on the same office staff as the previous Councillor employed.

Fred Dominelli remained true to his word and worked hard for his constituents for his entire term on Council. He maintained a vigorous schedule in office, attending all committee meetings he sat on and as many as possible of the others. He has been a very effective and vocal Councillor. Fred has been in the City Hall office on a daily basis meeting with constituents and staff to better Ward 17 - Davenport. He maintained a constituency office and met with constituents every Thursday in the community as well as attending many meetings and inspections on various sites within the ward.

Fred Dominelli took an active role in several key projects in Ward 17 - Davenport. He participated in and hosted several meetings with stakeholders regarding the Environmental Assessment taking place along St. Clair Ave. West for the replacement of the TTC Streetcar tracks. Fred worked hard with city planners to get a commitment from a developer to clean up the environmental concerns found on a very large site at 940 Lansdowne Ave. Fred convinced NRI and the Catholic School Board to work together to resolve safety issues in the community. At the City's last council meeting, Fred defended the jobs of our internal cleaners and stopped a motion to outsource their positions to a private company.

Fred Dominelli passed many motions at Committees and Council to better his Ward. Several B.I.A.s and Resident's groups have acknowledged the hard work and dedication that Fred has brought to the Ward. Fred's office staff has enjoyed working for someone with a great work ethic, integrity and a business sense for solving problems. His generosity to staff and constituents will never be forgotten. Fred Dominelli has served his community well.