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A comprehensive resource for Urban Forestry documents.

Urban Forestry By-Laws

Regulation of the injury and destruction of trees on both City and privately owned land. Below are tree related By-Laws which are currently in effect within the City of Toronto.

Urban Forestry Policies

Ensuring that the City of Toronto achieves it's goal in the area of urban forestry management of a sustainable urban forest.

In 2011 the City of Toronto commissioned a study to make recommendations for best practices for ways to increase the size and lifespan of trees growing in hard surfaces. The results of this study are outlined in Tree Planting Solutions in Hard Boulevard Surfaces: Best Practices Manual, finalized in February, 2013.

This document provides the structural details and construction specifications that will form the basis of the next generation of the Streetscape Manual Tree Planting Details.

A number of projects have already been approved and have been constructed on the basis of these details.

Before the end of this year this web site will have available a complete set of standard design drawings based on the Best Practices Manual (BPM): Tree Planting Details.

The complete Best Practices Manual is also available below as a reference to help inform future tree planting solutions.

Two important points to remember when developing a tree planting solution:

1. Only use the 'BPM: Tree Planting Details' as a reference document for the structural and construction specifications. Design solutions must be specific to the site while being consistent with the performance requirements outlined in the 'BPM: Tree Planting Details' document.

2. All design solutions must include the location and integration of any utility infrastructure


Details and Drawings

Tree Planting Specifications:*

* Revising the Streetscape Manual Tree Planting Details

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