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Road Restrictions

*New* Feed Enhancements – November 23, 2017

We have moved the Road Restrictions feed to a RESTful service allowing us to improve the delivery of the information.

The benefits of this change include:

·         The information is published faster.

·         The Url is mirrored in both HTTP and HTTPS environments.

·         More data formats available.

For compatibility with existing customer applications, the original feed is available in the same formats as before.

The original road restrictions feed is still maintained with links listed as Version 1.

A description of all formats and versions are included in the table below.

The new road restrictions feed is available with links listed as Version 2.
The description of all fields and which versions they are included in is located in the readme file.

Format Description
XML Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a common data interchange format.
XSD XML Schema Document (XSD) contains information about the XML data structure.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is used to load easily into JavaScript enabled web pages.
JSONP (.json) Packaged JSON (JSONP) is JSON wrapped in a JavaScript function. JSONP can be reloaded without reloading the page, using the JSON (.json) data extension.
Timestamp JSON The Timestamp file is a small file that contains only the timestamp of the most recent update time in the dataset in JSON format.  This file can be read quickly to determine if the main data file has changed.
Timestamp JSONP (.json) The Timestamp file in JSONP (.json) format.

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