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High customer satisfaction numbers for 311 Toronto

 A recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by Ipsos-Reid revealed that customers calling 311 with a question or request for service are very satisfied with the customer service provided by 311 Toronto and the Contact Centre staff.

In the survey, 500 callers to 311 were surveyed within 48 hours of their interaction with the service. Ninety per cent of survey respondents were satisfied with the 311 service, most of whom (75%) were very satisfied. Customer service representatives also achieved a very high level of customer satisfaction. The overwhelming majority of callers (94%) said they were satisfied with their overall experience with staff. Scores were very high for ability to resolve the request, providing complete and accurate information and explaining the process clearly.

The Ipsos-Reid survey was the first-ever customer satisfaction survey for the 311 Contact Centre since it opened to the public in September 2009. In addition to the encouraging news about satisfied customers, 311 Toronto learned that its service was well-used by callers in all parts of the city, and that satisfaction levels were high no matter what day of the week or time of day callers used the phone service. The survey found that 56 per cent of callers were female, and 44 per cent male. About half of the callers called for general information, and about half called to initiate or follow up on a service request.



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