Trees & Ravines

Tree Maintenance

Image of Trees Burning

Maintaining trees and managing forests is critical for establishing a mature, sustainable urban forest where public safety is assured.   Tree maintenance includes among other things, pruning, tree risk management, tree removal and treatment to manage pests.  Management of forested and natural areas also includes silvicultural activities such as prescribed burns and invasive species control.

To promote the health of the urban forest, Urban Forestry takes a holistic approach to tree care that focuses on improving the health of trees in an urban environment. Trees in urban forests are exposed to severe environmental stresses such as poor and compacted soil, drought, air pollution, damage from construction, poor planting or pruning techniques and much more. Trees planted on the right sites and that are properly maintained, are less likely to become stressed and are more resistant to insect pest and disease problems.  Urban Forestry promotes insect pest and disease management programs that are environmentally, socially and economically sound.