Parks, Forestry & Recreation

Flower Shows

Throughout the year, Allan Gardens Conservatory and Centennial Park Conservatory host flower shows.


In February, the Conservatories begin the transition from winter to spring by showcasing a wide array of spring flowering bulbs. Thousands of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus offer a welcome respite from the grey winter.

Many varieties of cool crops are featured. At Allan Gardens Conservatory, these include primula, cineraria, schizanthus, calceolaria and aquilegia. At Centennial Park Conservatory, these include cyclamen, kalanchoe, primula, cineraria, schizanthus.

The spring show culminates with the Easter flower show.


Masses of various hydrangeas, Easter lilies and bulbs are in full bloom beginning Palm Sunday. The show runs for 3-4 weeks, ending after Easter.


The Summer Show features many of the newest varieties of annual flowers including coleus, geraniums, caladiums, cannas and impatiens. The show runs from June-September.


Discover the beauty of autumn in the City! The Fall Chrysanthemum Exhibition is featured from Early October to mid November. Hundreds of colourful pot mums, cascades, standards and baskets flourish in the conservatory.

Christmas Flower Show

The Christmas Flower Show is the highlight of the year. The entire conservatory is decorated and filled with thousands of flowering plants and more than 30 varieties of poinsettia. In addition, the conservatory features several topiary masterpieces inspired by the holiday season and created entirely of plant material.

Grand openings are held in December and visitors are treated to horse and wagon rides, carolers, hot apple cider and a visit from Santa.

Grand opening dates are as follows:

  • Allan Gardens Conservatory: 1st Sunday of December
  • Centennial Park Conservatory: 2nd Sunday of December

The conservatory can also be enjoyed by candlelight on several weekends. The show runs until mid January. Please view the Parks, Forestry and Recreation calendar for more details.