Customer Service Standards

Real Estate Services – Customer Service Standards

The Real Estate Services Division provides real property acquisition, appraisal and disposal services for the City and agencies and negotiates and manages the leases of City properties to third party tenants in City facilities. The division provides services in four areas:

  • Property appraisal
  • Property acquisition
  • Lease management
  • Property disposal


Corporate Service Standards

The City's corporate online, email and telephone service standards support the delivery of exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service.


Appraisal/valuation requests

Service Standard

% of Appraisals completed within six (6) weeks after client requests.

Acquire property for internal client needs

Service Standard

% of Acquisition price to appraised value.

Lease space for internal client needs

Service Standard

% of Agreements agreed to according to client divisions scope.

City property disposal

Service Standard

% of Sales price to appraised value.