Traffic Conditions and Restrictions

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Infrastructure Construction Coordination

City of Toronto is facing an unprecedented amount of public and private construction activity on our roads. This often causes frustration for drivers, business owners and residents as pressure is placed on our transportation routes when lanes of traffic are taken away to accommodate this work, The City is working hard to coordinate these various construction activities. Find out more about Construction Coordination in the City and to learn more about the challenges of construction and what the city is doing to minimize disruptions, click here.

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Construction in the City

City continues to invest in infrastructure for now and the future

There's an old saying about Toronto that goes like this:  There are two seasons in Toronto, winter and infrastructure renewal.

Wait.  You say you've heard the joke, but the punchline was different.

Well, there are two sides to every story.  Let's take a different perspective on the construction you see on city streets.

Traffic Conditions and Restrictions

Residents can look at the impacts of road restrictions and the level of their severity – ranging from major to moderate to minor – before preparing to travel. A road restrictions map and list also provide real-time information on roadwork and other activities that are taking place on city streets so residents can get around the city easily.

Infrastructure Construction Coordination

Find out how the City is working hard to coordinate various public and private construction activities on our roads.

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Search this map for the location and details of planned major construction projects from Transportation Services, Toronto Water, City Planning, transit authorities and utility companies.

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