Telecommunications is a federal government responsibility. The approval of the location of new telecommunication towers is the responsibility of Industry Canada.

Under some circumstances (as outlined in the documents below), when new telecommunications towers are proposed, Industry Canada can request municipalities, (like the City of Toronto) to comment on the proposal to Industry Canada. In these cases, the City requests proponents to fill out the application form below.

This interactive PDF form can be completed and saved electronically:


ExpandCity Council's Decisions on Telecommunications Towers

City Council's action on the staff reports and on the Planning and Growth Management Committee's recommendations can be found here as item PG13.2.

On January 28, 2009, City Council amended the Telecommunications Protocol. Council’s actions can be found here as item PG22.4.

The City of Toronto Planning Division's staff reports on the protocol can be found here:

On December 16, 17, 18, 2013, City Council further amended the Telecommunications Protocol.  Council's Actions can be found at PG29.8 - Review of City Protocol for Telecommunications Towers Under 15 Metres in Height - Supplementary Report.