Greening City Operations

Waste Management

Reduce and Reuse                                                                                     

Many City workplaces are going paperless, stationery orders are being reduced, and staff reuse items whenever possible. Vendors and contractors are encouraged to submit invoices electronically. 



City staff are mandated by Council to divert at least 70% of their office waste annually.  In 2016, the waste diversion rates in the City's three largest corporate buildings ranged from 88% to 91%.

"No Waste" recycling program

To help office staff meet the City's 70% waste diversion target, an innovative diversion "No Waste" program was implemented in City-owned office buildings.

The program, which requires staff to empty their own desk-side garbage and recycling bins into central colour-coded bins, has increased diversion rates across the portfolio of corporate buildings. The green bin program is also available in all corporate buildings.

2016 Waste Diversion Rates

The overall waste diversion rate for the City of Toronto's larger corporate office buildings is 90% for 2016.

To comply with the Province of Ontario's 3Rs Regulation 102/94, waste audits were carried out on eight City of Toronto owned office buildings over 10,000 sq. metres.

Here are their waste diversion rates:

City Hall, 100 Queen St. West                      91%

Metro Hall, 55 John St.                                 88%

703 Don Mills                                                88%

North York Civic Centre                                82%

1530 Markham Road                                    82%

Scarborough Civic Centre                            79%

277 Victoria Street                                        78%

Etobicoke Civic Centre                                 73%