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Former City Councillor Elizabeth Brown

Ward 5 Rexdale-Thistletown

Former City Councillor Elizabeth BrownA resident of Etobicoke for 24 years, Elizabeth served two terms as an Etobicoke city councillor. Her community involvements included chairing the Etobicoke Library Board where she was a member for nine years. She was also a member of the Etobicoke Environmental Advisory Committee and a personal supporter of the Humber Arboretum.

As a councillor, she maintained close contact with all community groups, churches, agencies and community centres. Councillor Brown was also committed to working with the local police division to ensure community safety and security protection. An experienced small business person, she was a member of the Etobicoke Business Development Council and continues to advocate for all businesses, with a special focus on small business. She believed that small business is the backbone of the Canadian economy.

Councillor Brown believed in hard work and fair representation of the people, equitable distribution of tax-funded services and obedience of the laws and by-laws of the city, province and country.

She also believed that all people have a responsibility to contribute to the continued success of their community and to society in general. In our community there are many views. All must be heard. Citizens must be active participants in a vibrant, healthy city.