Engineering Information

Private Property Surveys

A property survey shows the location and dimensions of property lines of someone's private property. The plan can also show fixed structures such as buildings, fences, retaining walls and so on, on the property.

The City does not provide its professional surveying services to the public, nor does it have records (copies) of surveys for distribution to the public.

Obtaining a New Property Survey

If you require a new property survey, contact a private land surveying company which can provide you with this service. Land surveying companies can be found:

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors provides general information on surveying and the types of services offered by its members. The association can be reached at 416-491-9020 or 1-800-268-0718.

The City does sell maps that show property lines and topographic features, similar to features that are shown in a plan of survey; however, these maps do not replace the need for a legal survey of land.