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Mayor's Task Force on Toronto Community Housing

In January 2015 Mayor John Tory appointed an independent six-person Housing Task Force to take a hard look at how Toronto Community Housing serves the people of Toronto and how it is governed. The Task Force delivered a Final Report in January 2016. Addressing the report of the Task force, City staff consulted with the public and reported back to Council through the "Tenants First: A Way Forward for Toronto Community Housing and Social Housing in Toronto" report which was approved by Council in July, 2016. The Tenants First Project Management team is continuing the work of the Task Force by making a plan for real and positive change for residents of Toronto Community Housing.

Mayor John Tory appointed an independent six-person Housing Task Force in January 2015 to take a hard look at how Toronto Community Housing serves the people of Toronto and how it is governed.

The Task Force was led by Senator Art Eggleton and included experts from the social housing, finance, real estate development and social policy fields.  

The Task Force has focused on:

  • Toronto Community Housing's current operations and how they serve tenants
  • Partnerships and innovation
  • Capital revitalization and new development
  • Governance

The Task Force consulted with over 1,000 tenants and community members, 100 different stakeholder groups, officials from the City, the Province and Federal governments and housing professionals locally, across Canada and internationally.

The Task Force delivered an Interim Report to the Mayor in July 2015 and a Final Report in January 2016. Read the remarks made by Senator Eggleton at the press conference for the release of the Final Report.

The final report was tabled by the Mayor at the January 28, 2016 Executive Committee. The Committee unanimously voted to refer the report to the City Manager for an initial assessment of the recommendations and underlying assumptions and principles.
A staff report is planned for June/July 2016 and will recommend an overall approach and guiding principles for how best to move forward with the transformation of TCHC.

A second report will be delivered by Fall 2016 and will outline a detailed long term implementation plan for the transformation.
Public consultations were held in April 2016 to get feedback on the Mayor's Task Force Report and recommendations and to form part of the response back to Executive Committee in the Spring.  The City of Toronto still wants to hear from you!

A second round of public consultations will be occurring in the Fall 2016 to help inform the detailed long term implementation plan.  

If you wish to be directly contacted once details are available, please contact Maria Dagasdas with your contact information.