Hiring Made Easy Toolkit

The Toronto Youth - Hiring Made Easy Toolkit offers help in hiring youth.

As an employer, you know that finding, hiring and keeping employees can sometimes be difficult. Yet it is one of the most critical elements of success for any organization, regardless of the sector. When it comes to hiring youth, there are additional challenges.

The Toronto Youth – Hiring Made Easy Toolkit was produced by the EASE Project team in conjunction with Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP).

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Funding for this project was graciously provided by Employment Ontario.

Hiring Made Easy Highlights

Why hire youth?

In the next few years, people will retire from the labour force in unprecedented numbers. In fact, an estimated 1.1 million people are expected to retire from the labour force in Canada over the next five to ten years.

Sourcing and recruiting youth

Given that thousands of people in Toronto will be retiring over the next ten years, youth will make up a large proportion of your organization’s new hires

The Hiring Process

Youth, like all potential employees, appreciate a transparent hiring process that is efficient and time-sensitive. Personalized communication throughout the hiring process will also give your organization a competitive advantage.

Now that you've hired, how do you keep them?

Youth have a genuinely unique perspective on work. They value corporate citizenship and have a “work to contribute” mentality. As well, they see a career as an opportunity to add value to the organization.

Workplace health and wellness

Several studies have shown that wages are not the primary concern when it comes to retaining staff. Money is often not a “make or break” issue when a job opportunity is considered.