Heat Warnings

Air Conditioned Public Places & Cooling Centres

Air conditioned public places

If you do not have air conditioning during Heat Warnings or Extended Heat Warnings, you can go to air conditioned or cool places such as shopping malls, community centres, libraries or a friend’s place.

A few hours in a cooler environment during extremely hot weather lowers the core body temperature and helps to protect against heat-related illness. Refer to the list below for the location of an air conditioned place that is close to you:

Extended Pool Hours During Extended Heat Warnings:

From June to August, the City operates an extended hour program for some outdoor and indoor swimming pools during Extended Heat Warnings.  Pool hours were extended five times in 2016.

Drop-in Centres:

Shelter Support and Housing Administration operates drop-in centres at various locations throughout the City that provide a range of services.

Cooling Centres:

The City opens the following Cooling Centres during Heat Warnings and Extended Heat Warnings: