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175, 181 and 187 Wynford Drive

The applicant is proposing to amend the site specific zoning that applies to the property (including 175, 181 and 187 Wynford Drive) to permit an additional 913 dwelling units on the hotel portion of the property (175 Wynford Drive). The proposal comprises two components: two new residential towers and conversion of the hotel to residential use.

The proposal involves the demolition of the existing single storey south wing of the hotel (conference and convention facility) and surface parking lot to accommodate two residential condominium towers 30 and 34- storeys in height linked by a 4-storey podium. The towers and podium would have a gross floor area of 50,279 m² and contain 671 new dwelling units. The remaining floor space of the existing hotel (17,390 m²) would be converted to accommodate 242 dwelling units for a total of 913 units. The applicant anticipates the hotel would be converted in phases.

The 913 dwelling units would consist of 135 studio units, 513 one-bedroom units, 260 two-bedroom units and 5 three-bedroom units.  The proposal includes 1,080 m² of common indoor recreational amenity space (1.2 m² per unit).

The proposal would have a gross floor area of 67,669 m². Together with the floor areas of the existing 34-storey Accolade condominium building (31,367m²) and 6-storey Delmanor retirement residence (11,097m²), the overall development would have a total gross floor area of 110,133 m² resulting in a density or Floor Space Index of 3.0 FSI.

The development proposes 975 parking spaces, of which 745 spaces would be provided in a 5-level underground parking garage accessed by a proposed driveway from Wynford Drive. 


Official Plan

The lands are designated Mixed Use Areas on Land Use Map 20 of the Official Plan. This designation provides for a broad range of commercial, residential and institutional uses in single-use or mixed-use buildings as well as parks and open spaces. Policies relevant to this application include Sections 3.1.1 (Public Realm), 3.1.2 (Built Form), 3.1.3 (Built Form – Tall Buildings), 3.4 (The Natural Environment), 4.5(2) (Development Criteria in Mixed Use Areas), and 5.1.1 (Section 37 – Height and/or Density Incentives).

The Public Realm Policy 3.1.1 of the Official Plan speaks to new development improving and enhancing the quality of the public realm adjacent to the site. Built Form Policies 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 specify that new development should be located and organized to fit with its context, be massed to limit impacts on neighbouring streets, parks, open spaces and properties by creating appropriate transitions in scale to neighbouring buildings, provide adequate light and privacy, and limit shadowing and uncomfortable wind conditions.

Development criteria in Mixed Use Areas are set out in Policy 4.5(2). Generally, the policy includes matters pertaining to building location and massing, height transitions, light and privacy impacts, reducing automobile dependency, parking supply, site circulation and access.

The site is not part of the nearby Green Space System as identified on Map 2 – Urban Structure however a portion of the site (north of the existing hotel) is located within the Natural Heritage System as identified on Map 9 of the Plan. The Natural Environment polices of the Plan speak to the need to evaluate all proposed development in or near the Natural Heritage System to determine the potential for the development to adversely impact the system. Policy 3.4.3 and 3.4.12 notes a study may be required to assess the proposed development’s impact on the natural environment and proposed measures to reduce negative impacts on and where possible, improve the natural environment.

The Official Plan provides for the use of Section 37 of the Planning Act to secure community benefits in exchange for increased height and density for new development, provided it first meets the test of good planning and is consistent with the policies and objectives of the Plan.

Zoning By-law

The property is zoned RM6(163), a site specific zoning of the site that amends the former City of North York Zoning By-law No. 7625 (see Attachment 6). The zoning permits a 34-storey, 328-unit condominium Apartment House Dwelling (The Accolade at 181 Wynford Drive), a 6-storey Retirement Residence with 120 living units (Delmanor at 187 Wynford Drive), and a 6-storey Hotel building containing 353 rooms (Don Valley Hotel and Suites at 175 Wynford Drive – formerly 1250 Eglinton Avenue East). The Zoning By-law limits the gross floor area to 63,274 m² and a maximum density or Floor Space Index of 2.0 FSI.

The Zoning By-law also sets out performance standards related to the number of loading spaces and parking rates for the permitted uses, the amount of indoor recreational space to be provided for each use, setbacks and distances between the buildings and various Section 37 matters. 

Design Criteria for the Review of Tall Building Proposals

In May 2013, Toronto City Council adopted the updated city-wide Tall Building Design Guidelines and directed City Planning staff to use these Guidelines in the evaluation of all new and current tall building development applications. The guidelines establish a unified set of performance measures for the evaluation of tall building proposals to ensure that they fit within their context and minimize their local impacts. The application proposes two tall buildings on the site. The Tall Building Design Guidelines will be used to inform the review and assessment of the tall buildings within this proposal.

Zoning By-law Amendment Application - 175, 181 and 187 Wynford Drive