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Residential Apartment Commercial zone

The new Residential Apartment Commercial zone will permit a number of small-scale commercial and community uses on apartment building sites, providing opportunities for new ventures which will contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of apartment neighbourhoods. The new uses may include, for example, small shops, food markets, cafes, learning centres, barbershops, doctor's offices, community centres and places of worship.

View RAC zone enacting by-law 572-2014 and by-law 997-2014 which corrects errors and omissions in the enacting by-law.


City Council adopted the supplementary report as amended on June 10, 2014. The Planning and Growth Management Committee's decision made at the May 29, 2014 meeting is also available (see item PG33.6). The presentation made at the Committee is available.

The results of the survey, comments heard at the Open Houses and analysis of the candidates sites resulted in fewer sites for the application of the Residential Apartment Commercial (RAC) zone.

The on-line survey closed on May 1, 2014. Thank you for participating! The open house consultations were held on March 26, 31 and April 3,5,8, 2014.

RAC Sites approved by City Council

Residential Apartment Commercial sites (click on key maps)
List of addresses of RAC sites in Etobicoke York List of addresses of RAC sites in North York
List of addresses of RAC sites in Scarborough List of addresses of RAC sites in Toronto and East York

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