Garbage & Recycling

Blue recycling bin outdoors

Blue Bin (Recycling)

Using your Blue Bin effectively may reduce your garbage fees!

Why is Recycling important?

Recycling is the third most important 'R' of the 3Rs. First we reduce, reuse and then recycle so that only whatever is leftover as garbage is being sent to the City's landfill.

When you recycle right, revenue is generated from the sales of recyclable products which help offset costs for other waste diversion programs and services. Items made out of recyclable material save on natural resources and conserve energy.

Ever wondered where your recyclable items go and what happens to them? Here's your chance to go behind the scenes at a recycling facility where items are sorted and prepared to go to market.

Check out the video below. Note: This video was filmed in 2012 and since then there have been two changes to recycling rules. Glass jars are accepted with lids on and plastic bags can go in loose.

Disposal Tips
  • Despite the increased number of recyclable items, there are still some plastic items Toronto can't currently recycle.
  • The wrong item can contaminate the recycling stream, damage equipment and cause workplace injuries. If you don't recycle properly, we can't either.
  • Shredded paper must be placed in a clear plastic bag, tie closed
  • Never place food in the Blue Bin
  • Plastic items placed in your Blue Bin must be solely made of plastic (e.g. no metal, wood, etc.)
  • No need to flatten jugs, bottles, or tubs and tighten lids on jugs and bottles
  • Have excess recycling?  See waste overflow procedures

What goes in the Blue Bin (recycling)?

Note: Rinse to remove residue

Download your Blue Bin recycling Tips (pdf)

Plastic bottles, jugs (lids on)Milk, juice, soup cartons and boxesPlastic food jars, tubs, lids Glass bottles, jars
Metal, cardboard food & beverage containers
 Aluminum trays, pie plates, roasting pansSoft Stretchy PlasticFoam polystyrene 
 Clear plastic “clam shell”containersCorrugated cardboard (flatten) Books, telephone directoriesNewspapers, fine paper