Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant

Located at 9 Leslie Street in Toronto's east end, Ashbridges Bay is one of Canada's largest, and oldest wastewater treatment plants. 

Ashbridges Bay treats “used” water that residents and businesses deposit down drains every day. 

Fast facts about Ashbridges Bay

  • Housed on 40.5 hectares/100 acres 
  • Built in 1910, continued to expand
  • Formerly called the Main Treatment Plant
  • Currently, 20 primary digesters processing raw and waste-activated sludge
  • Capacity is 818,000 cubic metres per day
  • Operates 24/7

Major Projects

Odour Control

The City is working hard to eliminate odour from the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant. Learn more about our odour control efforts.

Disinfection Project

The City's Class Environmental Assessment on the feasibility, potential designs and implementation of a disinfection system at Ashbridges Bay is now complete. Click on the heading to learn more.