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After You Arrive

Toronto is a city that fosters a strong sense of belonging, active participation and the best possible quality of life – this is all part of its motto “Diversity Our Strength.”

Although immigration is primarily the responsibility of the Federal Government of Canada, Toronto can help meet the needs of  newcomers through various municipal services. The City of Toronto also provides supports to community agencies, which help build and support community networks.

We want you to learn about the our City’s people and culture in order to make it easier to settle and get comfortable in your new home. Local community organizations can help you fit in and make supports and connections as soon as possible. Once you have made some personal contacts, it is important to work with the Government of Canada to get all your necessary forms, card and paperwork taken care of.

Also, once you arrive you will want to learn about the different services and employment opportunities available, plus learn important information regarding transportation, finances and more. This section will also connect you with municipal programs and services for child care, recreation, arts and culture and youth.

Getting Settled in Toronto

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Local Community Agencies & Groups

Do you need help settling in Toronto? There are several organizations that provide settlement services for newcomers. They provide help finding employment, education and training and connect you with other government services and programs.

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Applying for your Health Card

All Canadian residents are covered for major medical and hospital costs by provincial health insurance programs. If you are not currently a Canadian resident, and would like to receive universal health care benefits you will need to apply for an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Card.

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Social Insurance Number

You also need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to work in Canada and apply for some government programs. To get a Social Insurance Number (SIN), you have to fill out an application. You also need to collect some documents to submit with your application.


Getting Access to City Services

he City of Toronto provides services to residents regardless of immigration status. There are a broad range of services, including libraries, recreation programs, emergency response services, programs for children, information services, public transit, public health, and services associated with Toronto water and waste collection.

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Employment and Social Services

Toronto Employment & Social Services provides financial supports and offer a wide range of employment services to help you find a job.

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Getting Around the City

Toronto is a big place to get around. There are several options including buying a car and taking public transit. In this section you'll discover everything you need to know to help you get to where you have to go in the City and beyond.

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Banking in Canada

When you settle in Toronto one of the first things you'll want to do is set up a bank account. You'll find more information about the Canadian banking system and the Canadian dollar in this section.

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Finding Child Care

Parents in Toronto have a number of options when it comes to finding child care. Child care is offered through over 800 licensed child-care centres and 22 licensed private home child-care agencies working with more than 2,000 approved home care providers.

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Recreation and Leisure

Toronto is one of the greenest urban centres in the world with many natural parks and ravines. One of the City's greatest strengths is its wonderful parks system. There are many local community centres that offer hundreds of sports and activities. They are also a great place for newcomers to learn new skills, get information and meet new friends.

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Arts and Culture

Toronto has many festivals and celebrations that showcase to the world the City's creativity and cultural energy. The various events offer the best of theatre, art, film, literature, cuisine, wine, dance, opera, fashion and music.

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Youth Services

There are many services and organizations in Toronto specifically designed for youth to join a sports team, learn new skills, express their creativity find a job, meet new friends and advocate for youth issues.

Get Help in your Language

Get Help in your Language

The City has made every effort to provide resources in as many languages as possible. 311 Toronto offers information in more than 140 languages using telephone interpretation services. You will also find links selected to other resources, information and services in several languages here.