Permits & Rentals

Temporary Mobile Signs

Are you a non-profit organization looking to promote a program or event in a City of Toronto park? The City of Toronto regulates the size, location, permit requirements and fees for signs in the City of Toronto. Temporary mobile signs are for not-for-profit, sport organizations, community groups and Parks, Forestry & Recreation-related programs, festivals and special events taking place in the park(s) and/or recreation facility.

Permit Information

Permit Season:

Temporary sign permits are valid for 30 days maximum, and no more than three mobile sign permits will be issued for a single location per calendar year.

Facility Listings:

Temporary mobile signs may be placed on Park, Forestry & Recreation properties based on the Park or Recreation Supervisor approval.


The permit fee covers the application and approval for a temporary mobile sign for not-for-profit organizations.

  1. Contact our Customer Service Office at 416-338-3326.
  2. Complete the Temporary Mobile Sign Application Form* and submit it along with payment to a Parks, Forestry & Recreation Customer Service location.
    *The following application only applies for not-for-profit and community groups; for-profit organizations must apply through the Municipal Licensing & Standard Division

A Temporary Mobile Sign will be issued once all of the necessary forms are completed and approval is received from the area Parks & Recreation Supervisor.

A mobile sign is one that is:

  • Temporary;
  • Designed for the rearrangement of copy on the sign face;
  • Part of, or attached to, a readily re-locatable wheeled trailer or frame without wheels; and
  • Does not include a sign that is attached to a vehicle used for transporting people, goods or other materials.