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Green roofs around Toronto

From February 1, 2010 - March 1, 2015, 300 new green roofs have been created in Toronto, consisting of over 250,000 sq m of green roof area. There are approximately 500 green roofs in the City of Toronto.

Greenroofs map April 2015

Privately-owned ESRI Canada Ltd., 12 Concorde Place
This intensive 704m2 is a private commercial retrofit with 100 per cent coverage of available roof space. It was designed by Gardens in the Sky and Scott Torrence Landscape Architects and hosts 52 plant types including sedums, grasses, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees.

Photo of the green roof at ESRI Canada Ltd.

DUCA Financial Services, 5290 Yonge St.
Designed by Hendrik OP't Root Architects, this carefully and innovatively planned green roof was built to improve the quality of life of building employees, and last to survive over the life of this new building. The roof consists of two separate green spaces, an intensive roof space which is used as a recreational outdoor area for building employees at 248m2 and a extensive roof which consists of long grasses and evergreen trees viewable from conference rooms for all year round greenery at 395m2. Water retention panels store water in pockets under the soil, for use in times of drought. The total green roof size is 641m2 at a total coverage of 55 per cent.

Photo of green roof at DUCA Financial Services

Metro Toronto YMCA, 20 Grosvenor Ave.
This private retrofitted green roof is a total of 630m3. It was designed with participatory input from YMCA members, staff, and community members. This space is used recreationally as a running track, and exercise class space where YMCA members can enjoy yoga and palates outdoors surrounded by greenery, gardens and fountains.

Photo of the green roof at the Metro Toronto YMCA

Wellesley Rekai Centre for Long-Term Care
The 9,750 square foot green roof at Wellesley Central Place illustrates the evolving sophistication of the long-term care sector, while providing an eco-friendly environment that benefits the community at large.

The pre-cultivated sedum-moss blankets were installed in 2004 directly on top of the washed river stones on the inverted roofing system.

The philosophy behind providing a green roof here is that long-term care is not just about health from a micro perspective, but that on a macro level a green roof provides environmental and community benefits.

The Wellesley Central Place allows for free public green roof tours conducted through Xero Flor Canada.

Photo of the green roof at the Wellesley Rekai Centre for Long-term care

Ryerson University
Ryerson University in downtown Toronto constructed an 8,000 ft2 green roof during the construction of their new Engineering Building in 2004.

Photo of green roof on the Engineering Building at Ryerson University

York University
York University in north Toronto, in 2001 installed a 20,175 ft.2 green roof during the construction of the Computer Sciences Building. It is an inaccessible extensive green roof and is part of the site's stormwater management solution. The green roof consists of 140 mm of growing medium with alpine grasses and covers approximately 66 per cent of the total roof area. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has been monitoring this green roof since construction, taking climate, soil and runoff quantity data to better understand green roof performance.

Photo of green roof at York University

Sears Merchandise Lofts
The Sears Merchandise Lofts Building in downtown Toronto was converted from a department store to a multi-residential condominium building with a 10,000ft.2 intensive green roof, that was installed 2000 with accessible public pathways, decks and eight garden beds.

Photo of green roof at the Sears MErchandise Lofts

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Mountain Equipment Coop in downtown Toronto installed an extensive green roof of 6,500ft.2 during the construction of the building in 1998.

Photo of green roof at Mountain Equipment Co-op

Earth Rangers Centre
Earth Rangers Centre in Woodbridge just north of Toronto is a leading education, wildlife rehabilitation and research centre with a 15,000ft.2 green roof.

Photo of green roof at Earth Rangers Centre in Woodbridge

Crescent Town Community Health Center and Social Service Hub, 3079 Danforth Ave
This green roof will be easily accessible to community members and the public, and will provide an outdoor amenity space used for meetings and environmental seminars, as well as for growing food and herbs. The project will also include solar hot water collectors, rain barrels and compost's used to show residents how to passively generate and control energy use. This project is a recipient of a Eco-Roof Incentive Program grant.

Green roof size: 618 m2
Green roof system: Extensive
Architect: Architect David Fujiwara
Landscape Designer: Luke McKane

The City currently has green roofs built on three City-owned buildings, with seven more planned including one on the City Hall podium. There are six built ABC-owned buildings with seven more green roofs planned. Toronto City Council took a leadership role in February 2008, requiring that all roofs on new buildings or roofs due to be replaced install a green roof where technically practical.

City Hall Podium, 100 Queen St West
Photo of the green roof podium at Toronto City Hall 
This publicly accessible extensive green roof retrofit project sets a great example city-wide.

GR size: 4000m2
GR system: Extensive
Designers: Plant Architect Inc. and Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners in joint venture
General Contractors: Flynn Canada
Installers: Flynn Canada , Gardens in the Sky Division

Social Services Building Addition, 1631 Queen Street
Green roof photo at Social Services Building at 1631 Queen Street 
This new green roof addition is an extensive pre cultivated moss and succulent vegetation blanket.

Green roof size: 15.65m2
Green roof system: Extensive
Landscape Architect: Unit A Architecture Inc.

30 Dee Avenue Water Lab: This green roof is still under construction!

Children's Teaching Kitchen, Children's Garden, High Park
This straw bale structure will support a green roof will be used as a community teaching space. This project is still in the design stages, and is relying heavily on fundraising through their adopt-a-bale program.

Green roof size: 75 - 112 m2
For more information visit:

Dufferin Transfer Station , 35 Vanley Crescent
This new building is applying for LEED Silver. The green roof is expected to be finished June 2010.

Green roof size: 300m2
Green roof system: Intensive pre vegetated modules
Architect: URS Architects and Engineers Canada Inc.
General Contractor: Trumbley & Hampton Inc.

Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre, 86 Blake St.

This green roof is an extensive retrofit split into two gardens, onto an existing building.
Photo of green roof at Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre 
Green roof size: 416.5m2
Green roof system: Extensive

Edithvale Community Centre , 7 Edithvale Drive
This new green roof is scheduled to be finished in September 2010.
Green roof size: 1, 280m2
Green roof system: Extensive

Horgan Water Filtration Expansion Facility, 201 Copperfield Rd.
This addition is still under construction!
Green roof size: 3,150m2
Green roof system: Extensive

Parkway Forest Community Center, 102 Parkway Forest Drive
This roof is still in the planning stage!

York Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Ave
This extensive, grass covered green roof was constructed in 2007.

Green roof size: 204m2
Green roof system: Extensive
Landscape Architect: NEDLAW Roofs Co.

Photo of the green roof at York Civic Centre
Photo Courtesy of Nedlaw Living Roofs Co.

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