Prenatal Programs

Healthiest Babies Possible

Who can attend the program?

The program is for individuals who are:

  • less than 7 months pregnant
  • nutritionally at-risk
  • living in Toronto

What does the program offer?

The Healthiest Babies Possible program of Toronto Public Health is a confidential prenatal nutrition program where Public Health Dietitians provide one-to-one nutrition counselling and education.

Topics include:

  • healthy eating during pregnancy
  • healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • tips for managing nausea and vomiting, heartburn and constipation
  • foods and drinks to avoid during pregnancy

The program also provides:

  • food certificates
  • prenatal multivitamins
  • interpretation services
  • linking and referrals to Public Health Nursing and community resources

The program is available at over 65 locations across Toronto.