City of Toronto

Eco Roof incentive Program

Grants for Green and Cool Roofs in Toronto

• Residential

• Industrial

• Commercial

• Institutional

The City of Toronto offers grants to support the installation of green and cool roofs on buildings in Toronto.
Eco-roofs help reduce energy use and the emissions that contribute to climate change.

Green Roof Grants

$75 / m2 to a maximum of $100,000

Grants are available for green roofs on:

  • existing buildings;
  • new buildings with a gross floor area of less than 2,000 m2;
  • all new and existing Toronto Public and Separate School Board buildings.

Cool Roof Grants

$2 / m2 for a coating over an existing roof or
$5 / m2 for a new roof membrane, to a maximum of $50,000

Grants are available for cool roofs on all existing buildings.

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