Tree Protection

Trees on City Streets

A major responsibility of Urban Forestry Services is the maintenance of City owned trees, particularly trees that grow on City streets.  A City street is any common or public highway, road, street, lane or any road allowance or portion thereof under the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto. Urban Forestry Services is responsible for maintaining approximately 600,000 City owned street trees.

Important Property owners can request the City to plantremove or prune a tree on the City-owned road allowance in front of their home or business.

All trees situated on City streets are protected under City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter Chapter 813, Article ll.  No person shall attach or permit to be attached to a tree any object or thing, including decorative lights without the prior written approval of the General Manager, Urban Forestry.

Tree protection policies and specifications have also been developed to reflect the direction of Toronto City Council relative to the protection and preservation of trees. Anyone failing to adhere to the tree protection policies and specifications will be financially responsible for any resulting damage to trees and may be charged under the provisions of the applicable City of Toronto tree by-law.

The Agreement for Contractors to Perform Arboricultural Services on City Owned Street Trees enables a property owner, at their expense, to contract standard tree maintenance work on a City owned street tree to a City approved tree service company.

Applicable by-laws:

City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 813, Article ll (PDF)

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