Social Development

Roadmap for Community Transportation

Community Transportation is an accessible and affordable service provided by not-for-profit, community support service (CSS) agencies for seniors 55+ and adults with disabilities who are not eligible for Wheel-Trans. This service helps clients live independently by offering access to health care, Adult Day Programs, medical appointments and activities in the Toronto-area. By being rooted in the CSS sector, clients who use this service also have access to a full basket of services including escorts, home care, homemaking services and Meals on Wheels.

Building a Roadmap for Community Transportation

The Roadmap for Community Transportation is a project funded by the City of Toronto’s Social Development, Finance & Administration Community Funding Unit, as part of the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy. The project was initiated in December 2015 and led by SPRINT Senior Care, the lead agency for Toronto Ride, and Circle of Care, the lead agency for iRide, which are coordinated partnerships of community transportation providers in Toronto. The project was supported by a consulting team from OPTIMUS | SBR.

The Result

The objective of the Roadmap for Community Transportation project was to undertake a current state assessment of community transportation across the City of Toronto, to better understand the gaps in service and to identify opportunities to provide enhanced transportation services and supports to people who need them. The project team connected with over 300 people who use or provide community transportation or related services to inform this work, through town hall forums, surveys, interviews and workshops. Multiple data inputs were incorporated and analyzed from the City of Toronto, the providers of services, and sources of demographic data. The project team has recently completed the analysis and has collaboratively developed a focused set of recommendations for consideration in collaboration with broad system partners, including Wheel-Trans. These recommendations point to ways in which community transportation can:

  • Focus on client needs
  • Actively collaborate
  • Enable sustainability
  • Leverage technology


The Roadmap for Community Transportation Project Team would like to thank you for your ongoing interest and contribution to this important work. Your expertise and experiences have directly contributed to our report and recommendations, and we look forward to working with you in the future as we collaboratively build on our successes, towards our vision of being “Trusted champions in coordinated, reliable community transportation.”

The full report, including the current state assessment and recommendations report, is available in the TO Prosperity Portal.

Additional inquiries may be directed to SPRINT Senior Care (Lead Agency for Toronto Ride):

140 Merton St., Second Floor, Toronto, ON, M4S 1A1

Tel: 416-481-5250    Email: