Nathan Phillips Square

Skate Pavilion and Concession

Revell’s original vision for Nathan Phillips Square includes a variety of spaces at various levels to support a vibrant public gathering place.

The 68-square-metre Skate Pavilion and Food Concession building offers counter service for informal fare and hot and cold snacks. A three sided open service counter is situated at the northeast corner of the Pavilion facing the Skating Rink/Fountain and the pedestrian traffic coming from Queen Street to the south and City Hall to the north.

A generous overhang shelters the counter and provides a shaded area for café tables looking onto the Square. An open stair leads up to a generous roof terrace on top of the skate pavilion, where patrons can enjoy their concession purchases or simply use it as a public terrace to take in the panoramic overview of the Square.

New skate rental and change room space for the public, along with rink support facilities to serve the skating rink on the Square are also located in the building.