Public Health

Strategic Plan 2010-2014


Mission Statement

TPH reduces health inequalities and improves the health of the whole population.

Foundational principles

The following foundational principles provide a framework within which the priority directions and actions for 2010-2014 are developed and implemented. These principles reflect underlying values that guide our shared aspirations as public health professionals working to achieve a healthy city for all.


TPH is accountable to the Board of Health, Toronto City Council, the Government of Ontario, and to the people of Toronto for delivering services that meet community health needs, comply with Ontario Public Health Standards, and make wise use of human and financial resources.


TPH embraces diversity in all its dimensions, recognizing the changing face of our global and local population as a health asset, and promoting respect for all in everything we do.

Community Engagement

TPH collaborates with community-based organizations, residents and partners in a diverse range of sectors to build community capacity, promote resilience and provide responsive services.

Health Equity

TPH strives to reduce health inequalities that exist as a result of the unfair distribution of income, goods and services, and opportunity; TPH pursues health equity by working with others to identify and respond to the health needs of priority populations, and by advocating for policies that address the social determinants of health.


TPH demonstrates a commitment to excellence by using evidence to support the design and delivery of programs, by ensuring continuous improvement in organizational performance, and by providing ongoing learning opportunities to realize the full potential of staff.

Priority Directions and Actions

The following priority directions and actions provide guidance for planning and delivery of public health services and monitoring of organizational performance, learning activities and equitable workplace practices.

Priority Direction 1: Deliver services that meet the health needs of Toronto's diverse communities

  • Plan service delivery based on the assessment of health needs across different populations, including newcomers and racialized communities
  • Design service delivery to mitigate health inequalities and the impact of social disadvantage
  • Engage with partners in actively seeking community voice in the identification of health needs and the development of appropriate interventions
  • Establish equity goals using relevant health indicators as a means of targeting service provision to priority populations
  • Use equity-focused health impact assessment tools to guide policies and practices

Priority Direction 2: Champion healthy public policy

  • Report to the Board of Health on priority issues and recommended actions for system-wide, whole-of government policies that protect and promote health
  • Collaborate with City of Toronto colleagues to promote city-wide, healthy municipal policy Implement a comprehensive health-focused food strategy in cooperation with city and community partners
  • Promote progressive change in the evolution of Ontario's health system and the integration of services to children
  • Sustain public awareness of the vital role played by TPH staff and programs in achieving a healthy city for all

Priority Direction 3: Plan for and respond to urgent public health threats and emergencies

  • Update and maintain TPH emergency preparedness and response systems and provide ongoing training and exercises for staff
  • Evaluate all emergency event responses and take appropriate action based on lessons learned
  • Maintain active participation in city, provincial and national emergency response networks and protocols

Priority Direction 4: Lead innovation in urban public health practice

  • Foster knowledge exchange with other public health units and academic, government and community agencies to strengthen engagement in applied research and evaluation of public health practice
  • Build and sustain partnerships across sectors locally, regionally and globally that advance the goals of protecting and promoting public health
  • Implement an organizational performance management framework that ensures continuous quality improvement
  • Provide high quality learning experiences for students in public health

Priority Direction 5: Be a healthy workplace that embraces excellence and promotes collaboration and mutual respect

  • Maintain staff and management competencies in the principles of equity and inclusiveness
  • Expand the staff recognition program to include a focus on excellence
  • Develop and implement an organization-wide learning plan
  • Promote staff engagement by seeking ongoing feedback and taking responsive action
  • Strengthen internal communication channels and processes to promote engagement and support collaboration
  • Develop a divisional strategy to achieve a diverse, skilled workforce through inclusive recruitment, retention and promotion practices, including succession planning

Last updated March 2013

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