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The Human Rights Office is here for you

The Human Rights Office provides advice, information and help about City of Toronto-related human rights and harassment issues. Services are available to members of the public, members of the Toronto Public Service and members of Council.

To make a confidential inquiry or complaint, please contact us.

Note: The Human Rights Office has no jurisdiction over acts or procedures of Toronto City Council or its committees.

City of Toronto Human Rights and Anti-Harassment Policy

The Human Rights and Anti-Harassment Policy states that every person has the right to equal treatment with respect to City services and facilities, City-owned accommodation, contracts with the City and employment with the City.

The right to equal treatment means without discrimination or harassment based on certain prohibited grounds such as race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, etc. A full list of prohibited grounds is contained in the policy.

City of Toronto Statement of Commitment to Creating an Accessible City (PDF)

Expectations of Members of the Public

Members of the public, including visitors to City facilities or individuals conducting business with the City of Toronto, are expected to adhere to the Human Rights and Anti-Harassment policy. This includes refraining from harassing members of the Toronto Public Service, elected officials and persons acting on behalf of the City.

Making a Complaint

Residents and service recipients may complain under Part C of the Human Rights and Anti-Harassment Policy’s complaint procedures about discrimination and/or harassment in the administration and delivery of City services, access to and use of City facilities, occupancy of City-owned accommodations or discrimination in legal contracts with the City.

Job applicants may complain about discrimination or harassment in the hiring process under the complaints procedure.

Staff can provide you with advice to help you resolve the issue yourself or may intervene with the program area or division to facilitate resolution. Where appropriate, the Human Rights Office will refer a complaint to the head of the appropriate program area or division to allow an opportunity to resolve the matter. If necessary, a formal investigation may be conducted.

To make a confidential inquiry or complaint, please contact us.

Members of the Toronto Public Service

If you are a member of the Toronto Public Service with a human rights question or complaint, please see the Human Rights Office page on the staff intranet or contact us.

Human rights issues related to non-City services and employment

If you have a human rights complaint about a private employer or facility (e.g. discriminatory treatment in a restaurant or store, or discrimination/harassment by your employer) contact the:

If your complaint is about the provision of services within federal jurisdiction or if you work for a federally regulated employer such as a bank, contact the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Human Rights Complaints Form and Instructions

City employees, the general public and anyone doing business with the City can make a human rights complaint by using our secure online form or the downloadable complaint form and instructions (PDF).

Annual Reports

The Human Rights Office reports annually to City Council about human rights activities. Read our annual reports.

Special Needs

Accommodation of special needs (e.g. documents in alternate formats, interpreters, off-hour meetings) is available as required to ensure that parties can fully participate in the resolution process.

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