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Former City Councillor Bill Saundercook

Ward 13 Parkdale-High Park

Former City Councillor Bill SaundercookCouncillor Bill Saundercook and his wife are lifelong residents of the community and proudly raise their children in Ward 13.

Bill was a school teacher by profession. He served the community for fifteen years as an elected City Councillor at the former City of York, and later, at the new amalgamated City of Toronto.

One of Bill's greatest achievements was bringing the first blue box to what was then Metro Toronto. As Chair of the Works Committee, Bill raised important issues regarding the environment and water safety and conservation. Thanks to the teamwork of Bill and other Councillors, along with City staff, Toronto now has one of the strongest by-laws preventing toxins such as mercury and benzene from entering our storm sewers.

Bill is very sensitive to the urban and architectural quality of new developments. He worked with residents, ratepayer and community interest associations, tenants' groups, and business improvement areas to ensure that new developments in Ward 13 were sustainable and beneficial for their neighbourhoods, and the community as a whole.