Feeling Congested

About Feeling Congested

We are growing. Toronto leads all North American municipalities in large scale development, and the GTA is projected to add another 3 million people by 2036. Congestion has become a fact of life in Toronto, and it is threatening our prosperity and our quality of life. We cannot continue on the current course. We need to change how we get around.

For more information about the proposed new framework, please watch this video on the City of Toronto YouTube channel.


Quality of Life

In 2010, the average trip to work in the Toronto CMA was 33 minutes. Our commute directly impacts our quality of life - less time commuting means less stress, more rest, and more time to spend with friends and family.


Economic Impact

The social and economic costs of congestion in the GTHA have been estimated at $6 billion annually. This includes wasted fuel, carbon emissions, slower goods movement, and travel delay resulting in lost productivity.


This affects all of us

Mitigating congestion through integrated transportation and land use planning will benefit all of us - drivers, transit users, cyclists, pedestrians. We need a comprehensive transportation network for all modes.