William Meany Maze Opens

William Mean Maze Opens

A photo of four adults cutting the official blue ribbon at the entrance of the William Meany Maze June 2015. From left to right: Richard Ubbens, Director of Parks, Dini Vanderwerf, William Meany and Rob Richardson More than 200 school children and community members, along with City officials and staff, joined businessman William Meany to officially open the William Meany Hedge Maze on Toronto Island Park with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 19.

"The maze was the highlight of my visit to Toronto Island Park as a child," said Meany. "When I found out it had been removed, I knew I had to do something to bring back this Toronto treasure. I am thrilled with the results and it gives me great pleasure to know that children will enjoy the new maze as much as I did when I was a child."

In 2012, during his annual visit to Toronto Island Park, Meany, a Calgary businessman originally from Mississauga, was astonished to learn the original Toronto Island hedge maze had been dismantled after being crowded out by shade trees.

Meany was determined to work with Parks, Forestry and Recreation to rebuild the maze so that visitors to Toronto Island Park could enjoy this treasured landmark once again.

A photo of several dozen children rushing into the new hedge maze for the first time on Toronto Island Park. The new William Meany Maze opened under blue skies in June 2015. The maze was originally designed by the late Peter Vanderwerf, landscape designer, in 1967. Working with Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff, Meany provided all of the materials and equipment required to rebuild the maze to its original specifications, a donation valued at over $200,000. Staff were able to locate the original blueprints drawn by Vanderwerf, which were used to guide restoration of the new maze.

Construction began in May 2014, roughly 50 metres northwest of the original maze site. Over 1,200 black cedars were planted by hundreds of volunteers from various groups, including Boy Scouts Canada, Labatt Breweries, Toronto Island residents and Live Green Toronto.

Construction was fully completed by September 2014 and the trees were given time to take root in their new environment.

The City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division is committed to providing the community with exceptional service that contributes to the quality of life for all Torontonians. The restoration of the maze has reinstated a landmark feature for one of Toronto's most significant and well-used public parks.

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